On-Page SEO

Information Architecture

Good site architecture allows visitors to easily navigate a website to find pertinent information. In addition to helping users, search engines also need good site architecture so that they can identify which pages are important. How many external links a website receives matters, but how a site distributes the value of each incoming link is just as important. “Link juice” is the common term for how webpages spread out the value they receive from other pages. Spreading link juice involves having a robust internal linking structure so that a website can evenly distribute all of the link juice it receives from external links. Page effectiveness should be measured by conversion metrics.  Conversion metrics can measure the following components and answer the following questions: Are visitors signing up? Liking? Purchasing? Subscribing? Search engines can measure how long people are on a site, when they leave a website, and what pages they leave from when rankings are determined.


Search engines look at the words on a website to determine how relevant they are to each search query – if words aren’t relevant, then the search engine will have a hard time discovering the website. This means that the words that you use on each webpage matter. Keyword research is necessary to ensure that words you are using are terms that internet users are entering into search engines.  Here at Online Business Creators, we do in-depth quantitative keyword research to find opportunities in the search market landscape, and then create a strategy designed to get our partners more leads.

Quantitative Keyword Research

Online Business Creators uses in depth quantitative analysis to come up with a keyword strategy that’s designed to fit individual businesses’ needs. We scrape an existing site to determine what keywords search engines associate with each website.  We then use a combination of keyword analysis, term concatenation, market research, competitive research, and suggested terms to come up with a list of key terms.  After key terms are generated, they are added into content for optimal SEO effectiveness. The Keyword Research Report that we share with clients during our monthly checkup call provides the basis for our quantitative strategy.

Steps Included

    • Redesign Page Layout
    • Add New Internal Links
    • Conduct Keyword Audit
    • Find Existing Search Engine Rankings
    • Brainstorm Keywords
    • Conduct Competitive Analysis
    • Concatenation of Terms
    • Finalize Selected Terms
    • Set Up Tracking Over Time

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