SEO Strategy

Customized SEO Plans

Different businesses require different SEO strategies.  What strategy you use will determine what visitors come to your site and how you convert those visitors into clients or customers.  We create customized SEO plans to get you as many online leads as possible.

On-Site SEO Friendly Design

All good SEO starts with fresh content that visitors are inspired to read.  A good website also answers questions and provides answers to problems that a customer hasn’t yet encountered. We write landing pages that describe the solutions your business provides, and then provide the tools to enable onsite visitors to buy or contact you for more information. By creating easy-to-navigate menus for users, we make it simple for customer or clients to make a purchase or contact you from anywhere on website. What’s more, we take your existing website and make it more SEO friendly by adding content, cleaning up the layout, and designing it in way that will ensure maximum SEO value.

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Technical SEO

Have you created a sitemap.xml? Are you using Webmaster tools? An analytics platform? Are you using unique title tags? Accurate alt text? Are you using the best permalinking structure? Breadcrumbs? What’s your keyword density? What’s your most popular page? Are you using robots? Do you have a custom 404 page? While SEO is all about making engaging and interesting websites for people, you still need some technical components for maximum SEO value – we do that, too.

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Off Site SEO

Good SEO is about reaching out to your community and proving that you are a valuable resource for all things related to your product or service. One way to prove your value is to publish up-to-date and industry-specific news in the form of blogs or news posts. These serve numerous marketing and SEO purposes. We run news campaigns for your site to increase traffic and increase SEO value throughout your website.

Social Media

All websites need a way for users to share their content, and social media is the best avenue to do that. If you are a business with a physical location we set up a Google Places account and get your website listed in location-based directories. We create a Twitter account and follow industry leaders and potential clients or customers. We publish important news and industry events through your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. We use Google Plus and Yelp to get reviews and share information. We utilize social bookmarking website to share posts. With dozens of social media options, we know there is no one-fit solution; based on your goals, we help determine which social media platforms will be best for acquiring new leads online.

Social Media Marketing

Our Process

    1. Learning Phase:  To get started, we send over our introductory form to learn as much as possible about your market, customers and clients, objectives, and goals.
    2. On-Page SEO Audit:  We audit your existing website to determine current on-page SEO level.
    3. Strategy Session:  Our strategy session is a 45-minute online meeting where we go over your introductory form and SEO audit, determine what on-page changes are needed, what resources are available, set social and off-page strategy goals, determine metrics to meet goals, and review plans to implement changes.
    4. Start On-Page Changes:  Create landing pages, make technical SEO changes, implement an analytic’s platform, set up agreed upon social media.
    5. News Call:  The purpose of this 30-minute call is to review the news or blog strategy based on your input from the introductory form.
    6. Article Implementation:  Set up a news page and start sending over custom news content for your approval.
    7. Social Media Integration:  Publish articles through existing social media, guest blog, guest review, and find followers with existing social media.
    8. Monthly Review Call:  Conduct monthly 45-minute review calls where we go over the changes to your site, the traffic increases, and how social media is affecting your business. 

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