SEO Websites

Content Management System

We create SEO Friendly websites using WordPress CMS (Content Management System). WordPress saves development resources by providing template structures that can be modified to fit different objectives. Once WordPress is successfully installed, changes and modifications can be made from within the dashboard.  Some of our partners like to make changes themselves, while others prefer for us to make the changes for them – we can accommodate any workflow that fits your needs. If you want to take a hands on approach to running your site, we can walk you through any changes you would like to make.

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Site Architecture and Design

While each business is different, best practice principles hold true for almost all websites. Websites need to be easy to navigate with a strong internal link profile that answers visitors’ questions while converting them into customers or clients. Smart internal links help visitors easily navigate to new pages, answer new questions, and helps search engines crawl a website, allowing it to rank higher on their results page. The better the site architecture, the better the website can answer questions or fulfill a need, and the greater the chances are that the visitor will be converted into a customer or client.

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Evergreen Content

Creating a business website that answers visitors’ questions and helps provide information increases conversion ratios. The more fresh keyword-laden content on a site, the higher search engine ranking, which leads to more visitors.  A website needs a strategy to create optimal landing pages that will get visitors to read, share, and ultimately convert. Here at Online Business Creators, we will take you through our evergreen content strategy process to get your website ranked higher in search engines.

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Conversion Elements

A business website is a lead generation machine – it exists to convince visitors to buy a product or service. The most important website metrics are conversion metrics. The more options a business website has to convert visitors, the greater the likelihood for conversion. Each business type has unique best practices, but some elements should be implemented on virtually all businesses’ websites. At Online Business Creators, we set up these conversion elements so that website visitors are turned into online leads.

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Our Process

  1. Learning Phase: We send over our introductory form to learn as much as possible about your market, customers/clients, objectives, and goals.
  2. Phone Strategy Session: A 30-minute on-page SEO strategy session where we determine and propose a website solution based on the information we receive in your introductory form.
  3. Keyword Research: We conduct keyword research to determine what keyword terms to target.
  4. Keyword Strategy Session: A 45-minute keyword phone call to review keyword research and finalize targeted terms.
  5. Design and Development: We select a theme and start creating your webpage.
  6. Social Integration:  We develop a social strategy based on your particular goals and needs.
  7. Social Media Strategy Call: A 30-minute social media Strategy Call to go over the social media strategy based on your goals and objectives.
  8. Finish Design and Finalize Copy: We finish your website – dot our “I”s and cross our “T”s.
  9. Hand-off:  A 60-minute phone call where we show you the website, teach you how to use it, make changes, post articles, and run social campaigns.
  10. Two Week Follow Up: A 30-minute phone call where we go over your website and social media strategy.

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