Class Date: November 16th, 2014 6:15PM Class Location: @   WorkBar Cambridge Located at 48 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA, Do you want to get more leads for your website?  Sign-up for a free classand learn how to optimize your website for search engines.  Click Here Online Business Creators will teach You:

  1. How to write a strong content.

The search engines won’t rank high your business web page if your web site carries irrelevant content with weak keywords strategy. It is  important to build strong content which will allow search engine to move you up in search query.

  1. Two ways to build links

“Natural” link building – occurs when people share your content. It can occur naturally but it is also helpful to reach out to websites in your niche to share with them your content. “Self-Created” link building – it is when you create the hundreds of online directories and usually they will link back to you. You should be careful because if you go to aggressive Search Engine might penalize you, which can hurt your SEO.

  1. Keywords strategy

The main goal of keywords strategy is to figure out what terms people are using to find the product/services that you offer. Be careful on how you use the keywords if you overuse them, the search engine will consider you as spammy.

  1. Social Media

Facebook, Tweeter, Google+ and LinkedIn are the leading force in creating organic traffic. Since 2012 SEO associates began to notice how effective social media in boosting page rankings. Facebook likes, tweets, and shares are considered to be powerful for increasing your web presence.

  1. How to create web presence that will get you online leads

Creation of Web Presence should be broken into three phases:

  1. Creating the SEO friendly web site , which includes all of the technical components, to make the site as appealing to Search Engines as possible.
  2. Creating compelling content that people will find useful and informative.
  3. Marketing the content through social media engagement, natural link building and email marketing.
  4. How to optimize your on website for:
  • Meta Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Site Map
  • Navigation
  • Page Content
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