Why Social Media?

Social media is the tool with which businesses connect to the world at large on the platform that their customers are using on a regular basis. Gathering friends and followers while publishing, sharing, and commenting on relevant information shows social media users that a business is passionate, experienced and knowledgeable.  Social media allows business to maintain an intimate connection with their friends and followers. In today’s world, more and more people are using social media to connect with brands, find out information about the brands that they love, and garner reviews about products or services to aid in the decision-making process.  When used correctly, social media leads to client and customer conversions, and helps businesses in recruiting and retaining life-long customers.

Social Media for the SMB Market

Online Business Creators actively engages all of your social media platforms to get you followers, friends, likes, and circles.  We post evergreen landing pages, news articles, and industry-specific information that your social media followers will value.  Online Business Creators views Social Media as a way to put relevant, industry-specific information in front of interested viewers.  The more engaging the conversation and lively the dialog, the greater the chance social media users will engage with a business on a social media platform, ultimately resulting in a leads online.

Social Media Website Integration

Online Business Creators will fully integrate a business website with social media.  We set up your website so visitors can like, follow, pin, subscribe, and connect with your business from your homepage.  When a new product is released, a new employee hired, or a change in the industry occurs, a business can send out a message to let friends and followers know.  The easier it is for website visitors to follow your business on social media, the more likely they will be to do so.  We set up user-friendly social media icons for website visitors to actively engage with their favorite businesses.

Our Process

    1. Learning Phase:  We send over our introductory form to learn as much as possible about your market, customers/clients, objectives, and goals.
    2. Social Media Strategy Session: We determine the best social media strategy by conducting best practices research on your industry.
    3. Social Media Strategy Call:  A 30-minute phone meeting to go determine social media strategy and implementation.
    4. Two Week Review:  A 30-minute phone meeting to review social media postings, comments, and strategies.
    5. Monthly Performance Review:  A 45-minute phone meeting to go over objectives, goals, and any strategy changes.

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