Technical SEO

Title TagsTitle tags and meta descriptions are the first things involved in technical SEO.  Websites need title tags and meta descriptions in order to show search engines what to display on the results page.  While these two elements have been around for a long time, not all websites use these correctly.  For starters, the terms used in the beginning of the title tag have more SEO weight than do the terms at the end of the title tag. Also, search engines want unique title tag and meta description on each page – unoriginal title tags and meta descriptions aren’t advantageous for a website; a repetitive naming format is not optimal for SEO value. Here at Online Business Creators we plan and implement a keyword-based title tag and meta description strategy to help business websites rank high in search engines.

Webmaster Tools

SEO Webmaster Tools

We install Google Webmaster Tools to keep websites error free. We check to see if any crawl paths lead to pages that no longer exist. Sometimes, when pages are removed from a site or the url structure changes, the visitor will be given a 404 error. While these will not hurt a website directly, it is best to correct and to redirect all 404 errors to actual pages. Google Webmaster Tools helps identify crawl errors, and is a must-have on any business website.

Webmaster tools has many other features, including setting the preferred domain name ( v., sitemap submission, crawl statistics, traffic statistics, structured data, a data highlighter, index status, and malware detection features, among others. Online Business Creators monitors Webmaster Tools daily to make sure no errors are causing a disruption in traffic to a business website. If a minor problem is detected, we take corrective action; if a major problem is seen, we send clients an email with a suggested course of action and wait for instruction.

Website Speed Optimization

Speed Testing

How fast a website loads is now an important part of SEO.  All things being equal, if one site takes five seconds to load and another takes 1.5 seconds to load, the website with the shorter load time will appear higher in search engines.  Online Business Creators uses tools, like Pingdom, to help to find ways to make sites run faster.

ROBOTS! (seo robots…)

No Index No Follow Robots

Robots are tags which tell search engines to read or not read specific pages on a website. Search engines like to see at least a few robot meta tags, as it lets the search engines know a website is giving specific instructions to crawlers to help make their job easier.  Online Business Creators will add these SEO friendly tags to let search engines know each business website is optimized for search.

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