6 Signs Your SEO Company Isn’t Doing Anything

A lot of SEO companies attract businesses by promising the front page of Google for every term under the sun, but after the first month emails become more infrequent and you start hearing from them less and less.  Here are 6 signs your SEO company isn’t actually doing anything:

No Status Updates

Your SEO company should be scheduling monthly calls where they go over your web presence and present to you what they’ve done over the past month.  If they’re are not doing this, you have no way to know what updates they are making, if they are making any at all.

No Analytics Reports

Along with monthly status updates, SEO firms should be sending you monthly analytics reports. The job of every SEO firm is to improve a website’s traffic and ultimately leads.  The firm you are paying for should have selected a list of keywords which they track.  If you don’t know how you’re currently doing, you have no way to know if your website is moving up or down in rankings.

No Social Media Activity

So they set you up with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but are they using these mediums to reach out to people?  Are they sharing and publishing from these accounts in a way that impacts your business positively?  Check out your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and see how many followers, friends, and circles you are connected to.  Having a social media account by itself will not do anything – the only way to see a meaningful impact is to actively engage your audience.

No Change in Strategy…Ever.

Search engines constantly change their algorithms to deliver the best search results to consumers.  As those changes occur, different strategies need to be implemented or your web presence may suffer.  Sometimes, a website doesn’t need big changes, but SEO can begin instead with the layout of a webpage.  If your website hasn’t been updated in a long time, chances are it needs an update.

No New Conversion Elements

A business website should make it as easy as possible for a visitor to connect with the business owner.  New touch points are being created all the time that businesses should be using.  Does your website have social buttons?  Email buttons?  Chat features?  Call buttons? Does the “Contact Us” form appear on every page?  Is it above the fold?

No Content Writing

Creating new articles or blog entries is the engine that should be driving your SEO campaign. But creating content can be tough.  Knowing what to write about and how to write it can make or break a campaign. Your SEO company should be helping you create content by providing you with a list of topics to cover, tracking your word usage, and linking your articles back to evergreen landing pages.  Here at Online Business Creators, all of our packages come with a set amount of blog or news articles written by us each month.

Good SEO Companies do the exact opposite of the list above and more.  A good SEO company will constantly be trying to prove itself by sharing everything they are doing and keeping you up to date of any and all changes they are making.  If you think your SEO company is sitting back and just collecting a check, call them out on it and demand they prove to you why you’re paying for their services.

If you think your SEO Company is guilty of any of the above, please feel free to contact us here. At Online Business Creators, we can work with you to turn your website into an online business creator itself.

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