Content Management System

Why have a Content Management System?

All businesses need a website and a web presence to reach out to potential clients and customers in order to showcase how they help solve problems and alleviate pain points. The more success a website has in providing answers to visitors’ questions, the more online leads the web presence will generate. A static website listing a business’s services, products, and pricing is not enough; actively engaging visitors by creating a website that reaches out to them and answers their questions, while simultaneously demonstrating the value of your product or service, can add to their lives.

Enter the Content Management System – a CMS provides an interface for people to create, manage, measure, develop, optimize, modify, and update a website to keep it fresh and relevant for potential customers.

WordPress as the “Go-To” CMS

Choosing WordPress as your CMS keeps both development time and expenditures low. WordPress allows developers to focus on the important aspects of development, content, conversion, and aesthetics without wasting time focusing on basic coding. WordPress has customized themes and plugins that all developers can use. These design templates allow for faster builds and cleaner websites.

Online Business Creators uses WordPress to implement SEO best practices in an effective and time efficient manner. We place the emphasis of our website development on the content creation, SEO strategy, and conversion elements. WordPress provides the building blocks so we can spend our time creating information-rich webpages that convert visitors into customers or clients.

Easy to use

 WordPress Dashboard, once installed, provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows non-technical users to approve comments, add new pages, change existing pages, and make system wide modifications. We like to give clients a system to use in case they ever want to make modifications on their own. We can walk you through the process of making any changes that you’d like step-by-step. Of course, we are happy to provide all of your web development needs, but understand that a do-it-yourself option is preferable for some.


Steps Included

  • Purchase the desired URL if needed
  • Choose a hosting package
  • Upload WordPress CMS
  • Choose a theme to meet business needs
  • Get selected plugins to achieve strategy goals
  • Integrate social media, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Contact Us forms, and email marketing campaigns
  • Set up email accounts, FTP access, and WordPress logins
  • Begin creating site architecture

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