News Strategy

Content is King!

A news or blog pages drives traffic to a website by creating fresh content for search engines to crawl.  The more often fresh content is created, the more often search engines will crawl a website. Each article should be 400+ words and contain two to four keyword hyperlinks to static landing pages. Search engines like to see at least 400+ words on a page, or else the page runs a risk of being deemed “thin content” and hurting the page rank.

Thin content is treated differently than normal content, and should be avoided at all costs. Linking to landing pages increases the SEO value of these pages and increases the ranking of the website as whole.  How often fresh content is produced varies from business to business.  The more fresh content, the better, and one great news article is much better than numerous so-so articles.

Why a Business Website Needs a News Strategy:

    1. It Builds Traffic – When a website shares news content through social media, followers and friends see the link and have the option to like, comment, share, or retweet it.  Every piece of news content that gets in front of a social media user drives the user to the website to actually read the article.
    2. Adds Credibility – Fresh content that covers a business’s issues shows visitors that a business is knowledgeable, and that the business stays current in its industry.
    3. Brand Awareness – Sometimes, customers or clients do not want to pick up a phone and call.  It is often easier for potential clients and customers to read the article and comment.
    4. Adds Personality – Most websites do not have a personal touch.  Pictures of people working won’t bridge the divide between website and person, but a voice will.  A news page will show readers what a business owner is thinking about and what that author’s opinions are on current industry-specific events.
    5. PEK’s – A website represents a business, but a news or blog posts represents the passion, experience and knowledge of the business.  News content leads the way in establishing a voice for the business.

But how?

Here at Online Business Creators, we take a very systematic approach to creating news content. We look at what keywords are ranking well and try to improve the rankings associated with those keywords.  How we do this involves including these keywords in the news article and linking these terms back to a website’s evergreen content. We do not practice keyword stuffing, as this method will actually get a website penalized; instead, we use natural language to include highly sought after terms. When we start working with a client, we have a questionnaire that assists in learning more about the subject area so we can create content that fits all clients’ needs.

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