So What is “On-Page” Optimization?

On-page optimization is about creating a web page that (1) fits into your overall strategy, and (2) is optimized for particular search terms.  Let’s pretend you’ve hired a builder (website developer) and they build you a shiny new house (website). Next thing you need to do is tell the building inspector (Google) to come over and take a look at your new house (website). When the building inspector comes, he’s making sure you followed local and state building codes – he checks the plumbing, electricity, boundaries, support, foundation, etc. Each state and town have their own unique set of laws that must be followed so you can actually live in your house. If you use the wrong type of wire for your electricity, or pipes for your plumbing, the building inspector will insist you make changes.

Getting your website to rank in Google is very similar to getting your house approved by an inspector, but instead of the inspector letting you know what changes you need to make, Google will just rank your page lower than your competition.  If you don’t follow the correct building codes or SEO best practices, Google and other search engines won’t let you pass inspection.

SEO as a Strategy

When you hire a website developer, most of the time you are hiring a designer, or someone who can make an aesthetically pleasing website. But, you must also rely on them to make sure it will be optimized for search and not aesthetic design alone. Most designers don’t know how to do that, and quite frankly aren’t interested in it. They’ve asked you for what you want (a website) and they’ve delivered. With most developers, it’s up to you to make sure you know exactly what to ask for so that your site will pass Google’s inspection and rank as well as possible so that you will get the leads your business deserves. By using on-page optimization that’s focused on SEO keywords and other SEO strategies, you can begin the process of having your website rank higher, attracting more users, and converting those users from website visitors to company customers or clients.

How We Help

Here at Online Business Creators, we create SEO friendly websites that Google loves.  We help you determine the best on-page strategy for your website, and then execute that strategy. We either modify an existing website or create one from scratch.  Either way, our on-page optimization is a key component to getting your website ranked for your most important search terms.

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